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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Tempeh?

Tempeh is made by adding the starter, Rhizopus oligosporus to cooked beans and then for a couple of days to allow two processes to happen at the same time, which is fermentation and the growth of Rhizopus oligosporus.

During the growth of Rhizopus oligosporus, they release heat, and the heat that is produced, aid the fermentation process of the soybeans, in which the result of the fermentation is a nutty and earthy flavor of the bean that we call Tempeh!

The regular tempeh that is easily available in the wet market is made with just soybeans and starter. Therefore, the beans are very compact and produce more of the tempeh flavor.

**more heat = more fermentation process of the soybean = more tempeh flavor

What is Rhizopus oligosporus (starter)

Rhizopus oligosporus is a type of fungus of the family Mucoraceae, as they grow and ferment the tempeh, they bind together into a firm cake. During the fermentation process, these fungi feed on the soybeans making them much more digestible by our digestive system, allowing us to absorb more nutrients from the soybeans.

Why is your tempeh chips lack the regular tempeh flavor we have from the market?

Our chips are made by fermenting a combination of soybeans, gluten-free flour and starter. In which the gluten-free flour allow more space in between each soybean, and result in a much milder tempeh flavor.

The good thing is, we grow a lot more Rhizopus oligosporus compare to the regular tempeh from the wet market.

The process to optimize the growth of Rhizopus oligosporus is very delicate and technical, that is why it took us 6 months to optimize the process.

**Rest assured that the gluten-free flour is fermented together during the fermentation process. Truly Gourmet’s Tempeh Chips are not simply using market-ready tempeh, sliced them thinly and deep dry.

Why do Truly Gourmet's Tempeh Chips contain so much white area?

Those white areas between each bean is the growth of Rhizopus oligosporus on beans and gluten-free flour. Simply speaking, both the beans and flour are their food source!

Who made Truly Gourmet's Tempeh Chips?

All our tempeh chips are 100% made in-house by Truly Gourmet’s team, from preparing of the beans, fermentation to packaging.

Did Truly Gourmet invented this Tempeh Chips?

No, these tempeh chips, to be specific, these with the white areas are invented in Indonesia. However, the exact city where they are invented is not known. Our founder has come to notice these tempeh chips since 2018. We only manage to trace them back to 2017, we tried to trace the origin of the invention but to no avail.

Is Truly Gourmet's Tempeh Chips Halal?

Our product is not yet Halal certified but we aim to obtain Halal certification by Jakim.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, we are unable to move to a proper kitchen to apply for the Halal certification at the moment.

However, our tempeh chips are prepared with utensils and equipment that are separated from our home-use cookware.

We also had them lab tested by an accredited lab for porcine DNA and the result is absent of porcine DNA (porcine = pork).

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